About us

At manmeetingwoman.com, we are looking for singles and demanding singles looking for a stable and lasting relationship. Our offer stands out for having a solid scientific base: a social and psychological method of intermediation of couples able to identify the most compatible and related people to form a relationship. And manmeetingwoman.com gets those who trust us to find love. The results of the Compatibility Test allow us to make couple suggestions related to each person. The platform makes it possible for the contact between the partners to be carried out safely. In addition, we have a unique function in Europe to facilitate the search of couple. It is about "knowing each other," a process guided to discover that special person through four simple steps.

Scientific Compatibility

The manmeetingwoman.com partner intermediation principle is based on a mathematical model of compatibility. Taking into account demographic data, personal preferences and the psychological profile of the user, the compatibility between people is determined in order to achieve a true and lasting relationship. This data is collected through our Compatibility Test, the necessary step to be able to register in manmeetingwoman.com.